Erin's artistic journey is a testament to her passion and dedication. Her background in graphic design and makeup artistry contributed to her keen eye for detail and composition, which are essential skills for a realism artist. Her love for vintage items and the sense of nostalgia they evoke have become the focal point of her art.
Erin's diverse background and her passion for realism in art make her a unique and talented artist who brings a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the past to her viewers through her beautiful creations.
Working with both acrylic and oil paints allows Erin to explore different techniques and textures, enhancing her ability to capture the essence of her subjects realistically. 
"Vintage items have their own history and story to tell. I want to elevate that and bring these items back to life in a different way. Doing this also allows me to connect to my audience as well. I want my art to resonate with people, giving them a sense of nostalgia that will evoke their own memories, recalling stories in their own lives."
Gallery Representation
Blue Crow Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Blue Crow Gallery – 2022 Summer Group Show
Artist Network – 2022 'Life Doesn't Stand Still' Group Show
Artist Network – 2022 'Hello Yellow' Group Show
Art Alchemy – 2023 Pi ART Squared Group Show
Blue Crow Gallery – 2023 Summer Group Show
Artist Network – 2024 'Out of the Blue' Group Show
Art Alchemy – 2024 Pi ART Squared Group Show

Queen St Marketplace – 2023 July, Aug & Sept
Curated Market – 2023 Holiday Pop Up
Camelback Gallery – 2022 Realism International Juried Competition - Bronze Award
Camelback Gallery – 2023 Autumn Festival of Art Exhibition
 - Silver Award